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Small/Mid-sized Business Solutions:
We can help you pick the best solutions for your needs, time, and budget.
We can provide on-site and remote planning, installation, setup, maintenance, and/or troubleshooting for all your IT needs.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of items which we support:
  • Planning and implementing office moves
  • Supplementing your existing (and probably overworked!) IT personnel
  • Substituting for temporary IT personnel vacancies
  • IT purchasing and licensing support
  • Producing discovery on files and email in response to lawsuits and legal investigations
  • Selling or properly disposing surplus, obsolete, or broken IT hardware for you
  • Properly documenting your network, passwords, providers, domain registrars, etc.

  • Windows 2008/2003/2000/NT Server systems
  • Active Directory and Group Policy
  • Server virtualization including:
  • Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT / Me / 9x desktop operating systems
  • Workstation virtualization including:
  • Exchange 2010/2007/2003/2000 and other mail or groupware servers
  • Hosted web, mail, and application server solutions
  • Anti-spam solutions (host-based, appliance-based, server-based, and client-based)
  • Microsoft Office and other software including:
    • Microsoft Office 2010/2007/2003/XP/2000, including Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, and Visio
    • OpenOffice -- the premier free answer to Microsoft Office
  • IIS, Apache, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and other web server and database products
  • Quickbooks, Peachtree, and other accounting products.
  • Virus, malware, and spyware prevention and removal
  • Removal of cpu-draining "junkware" or "crapware" pre-installed on many mainstream computers
  • Optimizing services and startup routines for better speed and security
  • FTP and SSH clients and servers (e.g. WinSSHD, WinSCP, FileZilla, CopSSH, etc.)
  • Tape, disk, and remote/online backup solutions
  • Security/update patch management for Microsoft and non-Microsoft software
    • Can deploy Microsoft's free WSUS patch server to keep all your Windows systems updated
    • Can enable automated updates for your Linux and Macintosh systems as well
  • System cloning and mass deployments
  • Automated software and patch deployments
  • Automated hardware and software inventory via OCS Inventory NG




  • Intel/AMD servers, desktops, laptops, and netbook computers
    • Specialize in Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell Optiplex / Vostro desktops and laptops
    • But will service any brand!  (HP, Compaq, Apple, Tyan, SuperMicro, Gateway, eMachines, Acer, Toshiba, IBM/Lenovo, Fujitsu, Samsung, Asus, Sony, MSI, Shuttle, Gigabyte, "whiteboxes," etc.)
    • Will build or commission custom servers, desktops, and laptops from parts as well!
  • Linux servers/workstations, specializing in Ubuntu and Turnkey virtual appliances
  • Apple Macintosh desktops and laptops
  • RAID, iSCSI, and NAS storage solutions (specializing in Windows Storage Server 2008)
  • Cell phones, smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, etc.), PDAs, etc.
  • Faxes, copiers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, webcams, etc.
  • iPads, internet tablets, and other alternative computing devices
  • Digital audio and video: MP3 players, digital video players, home theatre PCs, Tivos, etc.
  • Hard drive, memory, cpu, video card, etc. upgrades
  • Phone and network cabling




  • Routers, firewalls, wireless, VPNs, switches, etc. 
    • Specialize in Sonicwall firewall/gateway solutions
    • Netgear switches -- my favorite reasonably priced (and highly reliable) network switches
    • For less demanding solutions, recommend any of the following firewalls, especially if they're re-flashed with the open-source DD-WRT or Tomato firmwares.  (DD-WRT makes your $50-$70 router as powerful as Cisco units costing $600+)
      • Linksys WRT54GL -- the benchmark -- what we use on our network
      • Asus RT-N16 -- supports new N higher speed networking, gigabit network wired ports
      • Asus WL-520gC  -- the best cheap router you can buy (although can't support some higher-end DD-WRT features)
  • Remote access to servers and workstations via VPN and Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, GoToPC, and more
  • Broadband Internet connections: T1, DSL, Cable, U-verse, 3/4g, wireless broadband, etc.  


And much, much more!!!  Just ask!