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Basic Hourly Rates: 
$75/hr - businesses

$60/hr - home users


Free! - First two hours of initial consultation for businesses


(Above rates may vary depending on the situation.)


Overtime/Emergency Rules:


Overtime charge is 1.5 X the standard rates.


Overtime includes:

  • Work on holidays and weekends.
  • Work between 8PM and 8AM.
  • More than 8 hours work in a 24 hour period without a minimum 8 hour break.
  • Emergency work where we need to bump other clients.


General Terms and Conditions:
We can drive anywhere in the Bay Area, but do charge one-way travel time for any location more than 20 miles from our office.
On-site visits have a minimum service time of two hours unless arranged otherwise.
We accept cash, checks, or PayPal.  (Anyone with a free PayPal account can then pay via any major credit card.  Please ask for us to send you a PayPal invoice first.)
Customers with established account contracts can pay via invoice.
For customers without contracts, payment is due upon completion of work.
Sample contracts are available upon request.