Basic Hourly Rates:
$60/hour - businesses
$50/hour - home users

Free! - First two hours of initial consultation for businesses
(Above rates may vary depending on the situation.)

Overtime/Emergency Rates:
Overtime charge is 1.5 X the standard rates.  Overtime includes:
•  Work on holidays and weekends.
•  Work between 8PM and 8AM.
•  More than 8 hours work in a 24 hour period without a minimum 8 hour break.
•  Emergency work where we need to bump other clients.

General Terms and Conditions:
We can drive anywhere near our Lewisville/New Castle, Indiana office, but do charge one-way travel time for any location more than 25 miles away.

On-site visits have a minimum service time of two hours unless arranged otherwise.

We accept cash, checks, or PayPal.  (With a free PayPal account, you can pay via any major credit card at https://www.paypal.me/borchtech.  Or we can send a PayPal invoice to your email.)

Customers with established account contracts can pay via invoice.

For customers without contracts, payment is due upon completion of work.

Sample contracts are available upon request.